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Whether great quality, availability or delivery time: Since 40 years the people at SLV are giving their best to provide a unique product experience – which begins with a smart order process, convinces with the easy installation and impresses with the overall lighting ambience. Fundamental for this delicate aspiration of service is the awareness of it in any situation that we encounter. We are redefining our service-driven values year after year with the sales-promoting Big White, including not only marketing materials, but also entire events built around the new product concept. Now it is time for the next step. Imagine how you can import tailor-made product data and stocks from the manufacturer directly into your systems in just a few seconds

How about using fully automated standardized document transfers (EDI)? By doing so, you are able to implement new business opportunities – giving your employees more time to focus on much more valuable topics! Together, we can generate synergy effects that are not only more efficient, but are also reducing running costs, making processes more transparent and are building the foundation for sustained growth. Field-tested expertise and the latest technology is helping us to ensure that your business development is on our agenda. Are you with us?


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We cannot wait to talk about your digital end-to-end solution. We are looking forward to your hearing from you. For any inquiry, please use the following e-mail address: [email protected]

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