Our award winners

Over the years, the assortment from SLV has grown to over 3,000 products - from custom-made solutions to a wide range of easy-install and ready-made indoor and outdoor lights. It is all the better for us if one of these products even wins an award, giving us the confirmation for us: We are doing it right! And the motivation to continue investing our blood, sweat and tears in the development of each of our products.

At SLV, we pay particularly attention to high quality and a technically proper set-up at a fair price-range. But what would a high-quality technical light be without the right design?

Design and technology have been going hand in hand for over 40 years. Thanks to our passion for lighting and design, extensive knowledge of product development and pervasive market research, we have been able to develop timeless, elegant and extraordinary luminaires for several decades. Our goal is to offer electricians, planners, architects and wholesalers an entirely new experience with our lighting.

enduring technology + functionality + high quality materials + timeless shapes + esprit of unusual paths = the success of SLV.

Our dedication to good design has been recognized by both the "Red Dot Award" and the "German Design Award" and thus we want to introduce to you our award winning products.

Our Winners

From the first sketch to the finished product: any light is based on the merge of design and technology. Our innovation and portfolio management departments are responsible for the modern, timeless and elegant design. But we happily incorporate external designers ideas into the develop of certain products. And certainly, when these products are winning an award, it honors not only us, but also the designers.

*The existing quotes refer to the jury's justifications, which can be found in the links.

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