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Create eye-catching scenes using SLV display fittings

Display fittings allow you to illuminate individual objects in an ideal way. This point lighting is of particular use in retail shops to highlight certain objects. However, advertising signs and images can also be illuminated by these display lights. SLV has a diverse portfolio of picture lights and display fittings, also using more efficient LED systems. Take advantage of our range of lights to catch the attention of your customers.

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MALO Display WL

LED indoor display fitting, silver-grey, 4000K, 120°

Item no.: 1001857

250+ in Stock

display fitting, LED, 3000K, 50°, black

Item no.: 1000733

100+ in Stock
AIR INDI DISPLAY display luminaire
AIR INDI DISPLAY display luminaire

LED, 3000K, white, 11W

Item no.: 133941

100+ in Stock

LED Indoor display fitting, white, 3000K

Item no.: 1001464

500+ in Stock

spot down, LED, 5000K, black

Item no.: 1000662

100+ in Stock

wall light, LED, 4000K, silver-grey, 16W, incl. power supply and plug

Item no.: 170401

500+ in Stock

wall light, QPAR51, silver-grey, max. 50W, with 50 cm rod and display clamp

Item no.: 170424

sold out

wall light, QPAR51, chrome, max. 50W, with 50 cm rod and display clamp

Item no.: 170422

sold out

wall light, QT-DE12, silver-grey, max. 150W, incl. clamp and plug

Item no.: 170414

sold out

wall light, LED, 2700K, black/bamboo, incl. LED driver

Item no.: 156257

sold out
DOME LED display luminaire

LED, 3000K, silver-grey, 18W

Item no.: 147352

sold out

display fitting, QPAR51, chrome, max. 35W

Item no.: 146492

sold out
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