Sustainability at SLV

At SLV, we are aiming for balance between economy, environment and society. With an equilibrium between these three areas, we consicer something as sustainable. The longterm success of our core business can only be guaranteed, if the company is taking care of the environment and society in which it is located and on which all its business activities do have an influence. Our goal is to meet all the different stakeholder interests, not only in Germany, but of the entire world. This can only be realized with responsible guidance of our company, a steady improvement of our efficient energy management in terms of product portfolio, as well as securing the safety at work (for anyone and everyone).


Being in charge of corporate governance

To incorporate sustainabilty authentically into the corporate culture, the sustainable actions and measures are implemented into every level of the company. Not only have we agreed to meet the respective laws, but also make sure that their characteristics and measures are written into the company's DNS. Our corporate governance is discussing every detail of theses measures in order to find the right way, supporting all sustainable actions and reducing potentials risks. The base of their personal actions has a role model function and is summarized within the Code of Conduct, in which we all committed to the general guidelines. To the Code of Conduct >

Social responsibility

Being in charge of our employees

SLV is aware of ist social responsibilty as an employer for many employees. Our intrinsic motivation is to create an attractive professional environment, in which talents are encouraged to grow everyday. It is our obligation to enable them to achieve their best possible perfomance by giving them the right conditions to work in. Fair salaries, safe working spaces, various career opportunities and training opportunities are just a few of the benefits that are to be listed. That is our way of making sure that the professional staff we need can work their way from bottom to top within our company. Ensuring that they are motivated by the various different tasks and great impact they are contributing to SLV's success. Joining the UN Global Compact treaty was therefore a logic consequence to ensure that this philosophy is transferred into the international business.


Being in charge of our products

Making our products safe is the headmost premiss. Thus, our suplliers have to pass a serveral-steps-long process, in order to assure our high quality standards will be met. For our customers and those who are interested in becoming one, we provide further information about our products. For example we provide fotometric or technical data, as well as safety instructions - and everything is ready to be downloaded in serveral languages on our download page. Discover our available download documents >

We are enlarging the statutory warranty! In total, our products have a warranty of 5 years, which is only representing the trust into our products. Discover our available warranty terms and conditions >


Being in charge of the environment

SLV is a manufacturer and supplier, operating globally and thus, producing emissions and waste, as well as consuming precious resources such as clean water and air. We are aware of these impacts we do have on the environment and working hard to recognize our responsiblities. Therefore, we have implemented a strategy of sustainability management, with which we try to reduce our ecological footprint.

Sustainability report

Sustainability Report in German

Our products are lighting up the world of our customers. With our sustainability report, we are turning the spotlight to SLV and all the different affords in terms of ecological, social and economical sustainabilty. The report contains the analytics of 2016 and 2017. At the moment, the report is only available in German. Yet, in case there are any questions, please contact [email protected]


Since June 2017, SLV is a member of the Global Compact of the United Nations (UNGC). With becoming a member of this compact, we are setting a clear example of how we envision human rights, work ethics, environmental protection and the fight agsinst corruption. More information can be found online:

External assessment

After reaching already the silver status of the well known EcoVadis Assessment in 2016 and 2017, SLV has now reached the gold status for the year 2018. By getting this gold status degree, EcoVadis confirms that SLV has performed in an outstanding way to reach its goals within the field of environmental protection, employment and human rights, sustainable purchasing and ethical economics. There are ambitious goals set for the future and we are willing to work hard on us to maintain our gold status.

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